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Fantsuam Foundation in North Central Nigeria is a model of integrated community development. I’ve been involved for years through my voluntary work in the Dadamac Network and now for Dadamac Foundation (website –

Part of my role in Dadamac Foundation is to raise the visibility of what we have been doing and bring it to a new level in 2015. That was the reason for the event Nicola (Nikki) and I organised in January – see Summary of Dadamac’s January Launch of New Model. It’s also why I’m writing this post.

Filo, who sent the post below to me a few hours ago, works at Fantsuam Foundation (see Guest Blog: by Filo Boko – John Dada’s PA at Fantsuam Foundation )

Dadamac helps Fantsuam Foundation in various ways (see From Dadamac UK – to Cisco International – to Fantsuam )

Filo has asked me to share this update. (Note “Huddle” is how “hurdle” would be pronounced by Filo and others at Fantsuam. English is not her first language.)

Filo’s post

Sannu Pam,

Here is a little something to blog/tweet on as we agreed at dadamac

This year 2015, the JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) commenced 100% CBT, Computer Based Test mode of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Nigeria.                   The Computer-Based Testing (CBT) is a method of administering tests/exams in which the questions and answers are electronically generated, recorded and assessed. Results are received ideally within 24hrs. The main objective for this is security of the tests, to eliminate examination malpractices and improve admission and examination processes.

The major huddle of CBT in Nigeria is the limited number of centers to the large number of candidates that take the test. A center is expected to have at least 150 computers to be accredited for CTB. For now, there is one center in Kafanchan, only a privileged few get to be assigned to that centre, the rest are posted outside kafanchan and some as far as other states. Fantsuam Foundation plans to become a center. The available and affordable computers that can be used for this purpose are the ‘Thin Client’ computers. These computers are portable (mini) laptops that use less power and occupy less space. Each computer costs about   ₦ 15,000 in Nigeria. The next huddle to cross would be affordable, reliable and sufficient bandwidth.  But First things first.  Fantsuam Foundation needs 150 ‘Thin client’ laptops to become a CBT center in Kafanchan like yesterday!

What next?

We helped in a small way a few weeks ago when John Dada, director for Fantsuam Foundation was putting in a funding bid. He was urgently trying to get some quotes for equipment and was having difficulty contacting the suppliers. Dadamac did some tweets on his behalf that helped him to track down information he needed.

It’s not clear from this post what has happened with the funding bid. Is Fantsuam Foundation having to seek another funding source? I’ll need to check with Filo. When Filo first arrived at Fantsuam we contributed part of her salary so that she could spend some of her time working as an Information agent, helping us to tell the unfolding story of the work at Fantsuam Foundation.

As for the bandwidth, that is another challenge. John explained about that in an interview, which was organised by Dadamac during his visit to London in January. See – John Dada on the challenges of using broadband for development in a northern Nigerian town

I’m sharing this story to help raise the visibility both of Fantsuam Foundation and of Dadamac. We want to do more to support John and other Changemakers in Africa. To do that we need input from more London based volunteers. If you would be interested in finding out more please ask via our contact form.