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20 Tips for Great Teaching

The birth of Education’s new Scientology Cult.

If you fell for the clickbait headline then the chances are that you’ll be a fan of Doug Lemov. Hailing from New York, a product of Teach for America, with a Harvard MBA and some teaching experience at a Princeton private day school, Lemov has risen to almost cult-like status with his Teach Like a Champion series of books, training sessions, personal appearances and other products for the new to teaching or those in need of a motivator.

There was a flurry of debate on social media following the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 featuring Lemov and studio guests, Dr Ruth Payne, researcher from the University of Leeds, and the govt appointed school behaviour Tsar, Tom Bennett.


What concerns me more is the takeover of our education system in England by a government and media influenced by a group of unelected advisors, profiteers and showmen supporting a narrative that allows the homogenisation of our schools and as a result our culture. Cultural transmission, cheaply distributed into the minds of children by service providers who have cost efficiently mastered their processing to provide tailored output to meet the demands of the economic development plan.


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