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I’m looking back over my week. There’s too much to write about everything, so I’ll simply share some new connections relating to science/technology and the arts.

Connecting science/technology and the arts

I think it’s important for all of us to have images, songs and stories for our time. Not everyone needs or wants an analysis of where we are now, and how we got here. Sharing stories and songs can give us encouragement, help us to internalise simple “shared wisdom”, and provide pointers to help us find our individual pathways. Artistic expression, popular culture, can be for everyone. Going into theories and all the “Whys and Wherefores” relating to causes, trends, and so on is a minority interest.

Back at the 2013 Dark Mountain / Uncivilization festival we were asked to commit to something we’d do during the next twelve months. I said I would find an artist to help me express the ideas of the Landscape of Change (which I’ve written about at I failed, but I haven’t forgotten or given up, and so this week was doubly encouraging because of Dark Mountain and the Cube. Both of them can be seen as narrowing the gap between the science/technology of our time and the arts.

Dark Mountain

The latest post from Dark Mountain included the following:

The seventh Dark Mountain book will be published next month (to get your copy hot off the press, you might want to consider our subscription options) but we are already turning our minds to book 8, which will be published in October this year. And while some previous Dark Mountain anthologies have had very broad themes, we are looking to do something a little different with this one.

Dark Mountain issue 8 book will contain a more focused selection of writing than we have produced before, which engages with a single idea: the relationship between human beings and the things we make; with our machines and our tools, our technologies and our hands, and the future of all of them.

The deadline for Dark Mountain issue 8 is Sunday 31st May – More details in this Dark Mountain blog

I’ve never submitted anything to Dark Mountain before, because my work tends to be based very firmly in practical things.  I think of Dark Mountain contributors as “creative artist”, and/or Arts scholars, and I’m in awe of their skills, creativity and knowledge. This time it seems to be pulling together art factual writing to interpret challenges of our time. This time I’ll try to contribute.

The Cube

The Cube is currently hosting some Central Saint Martins Art & Science Students as artists in residence and I went along to one of their events on Thursday – see I like the Cube – thought provoking – this overlaps my systemic change interests

The St Martins course brings together arts and science. I was told, to my surpise and pleasure, that this combination is increasingly common, although the St Martins course was an innovation.


When I’ve written this I can point my contacts from the Cube to it, so they see the Dark Mountain call for contributions, and can share it with fellow students.