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  • Africa’s knowledge economy isn’t simply about data

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  • The term implies that more traditional industries do not involve knowledge
  • Confusion about what knowledge represents also muddies discussion
  • Data economy is a clearer term with which to inform debates on this topic
The term denigrates the knowledge underlying human activity and confuses it with the products of that knowledge.SciDev.Net’s online debates generate high-energy bursts of communication and are as intellectually stimulating and informative as they are fun to participate in. Last month’s debate on Africa’s knowledge economy was no exception. At our London office, we experienced a flow of comments through our computer screens in a conversation enriched by six remote panellists.

The debate was hosted alongside the Planet Earth Institute (PEI), which defines the global knowledge economy as an economic environment where “knowledge-intensive activities contribute to an accelerated pace of technical and scientific advancement”. More