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Hi Brian – PS to the open letter.

I shared a Holacracy update during the session yesterday.

As you know I see FASST as an experiment in collaboration, and a possible focus for exploring Holacracy and Teal Organisational structures.

The Holacracy focus began when Sally kindly offered me some free coaching and facilitation services when we were both at a Teal Practitioners meeting. We agreed to make haste slowly, breaking the proposed process into smaller steps. That approach meant that after the first step we could review the situation and decide if we wanted to take the next step or not.

We’re at the end of the first step now. Meanwhile things have changed so much. Where we have landed now is not the same jumping off point we would have expected for step two. So we have agreed that we won’t do a step two.

At the time Sally and I started to explore doing Holacracy together she was working with EvolvingOrganisation and her offer was directed to my UK-Africa work with registered charity Dadamac Foundation. (By the way, shortly before November 19th look out for the new much improved website which should go live then. Don’t look earlier at the old one – it no longer gives an up to date picture.)

There was, and still is, interest in Holacracy regarding Dadamac Foundatioan, but unfortunately at the time Sally made her offer the Dadamac Foundation focus was on other things and it wasn’t a good time to experiment with Holacracy.

Hence the emergence of FASST as a possible alternative way to experiment, but FASST isn’t a traditional organisation. In its current “early emergence” form it doesn’t fit the Holacracy mould.

Christopher and I want to start experimenting with a firmly defined organisational structure within FASST, even if only as a prototype to adapt as time goes by. We are still planning to start with Holacracy, but we recognise that with the possible mismatch (and lack of a skilled facilitator), it may well morph into something else before long.

Please don’t let our tenuous connection to Holacracy put you off your current explorations of being a Holacracy of One.  That aspect of what we are doing with Holacracy is still valid.