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Hi Folks,

The context for this continuing conversation is:

  • A book I read called Technology vs Humanity – the book and the “stay connected” link .
  • A call for chapter proposals from Fast Future Publishing for 50:50 – Scenarios for the Next 50 Years.
  • A discussion with Brian Griffin, about what I might write, during our Skype call a fortnight ago.
  • My proposal which was accepted – first draft due November 28th.
  • The Open Mic I did about it at Escape’s Social on Thursday and subsequent conversations.
  • Some related conversations during and after Tuttle Club yesterday.
  • Some interview questions from Dr. Daniel King, Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, who is researching Tuttle, unconferences and suchlike.

The need to become “Exponentially Human”

I was introduced to the terminology of becoming “exponentially human” through the book Technology vs Humanity

It made sense to me in the context of many things including:

  • Work by George Por about “moving from the me to the we”
  • The U.Lab idea of moving from being ego-centric to being eco-centric
  • Strategies we draw on for “thinking together” and drawing on the wisdom in the room
  • Ways that we are learning to “hold a space” Face to Face and online so that new percptions, ideas, and knowledge can emerge
  • Ideas of how an organisation and the people become “of one mind” in the sense that they take decisions and and act on them individually and autonomously, but with a shared purpose
  • My interest in Teal organisations and Holacracy as related to acting with a shared purpose
  • Work I’m doing on FASST and its connection with SHIFT
  • My interest, since the 1970’s, in the relationship between people and digital technology – especially in the areas of thinking and decision making

The chapter invitation and discussion

The chapter begins with an invitation (dated the publication date of the book). It invites people to join a new group called “Exponentially Human”. It then leaps forward to an invitation, dated 2027 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the group, with some reflections on how things have changed. Naturally, being me, I’m thinking  out loud about being Exponentially Human with other people, and appreciating their viewpoints.

That’s why I’m writing this post. It’s to save long explanations. Having written this I now have a  short cut to explain my interest in how we become “Exponentially Human”.