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Hi Folks.

This pulls together threads that are emerging this week around collaboration and how FASST and SHIFT are coming together. I’m writing it after a meeting that Sebastian and I had today. I’m writing it mainly to update Christopher.


I’m not describing SHIFT now in any detail because in a couple of weeks time Sebastian will have a great presentation about it that I can share. SHIFT is to do with effective collaboration. FASST and SHIFT are coming together as a collaboration of collaborations (which is why I was hoping to get together with you earlier in the week to update you).

I  came across SHIFT through Bernardo, who is in the same study circle as me on the ULab course. Sebastian and Bernardo are collaborating on SHIFT, and Sebastian is in the UK for a couple of weeks, spending part of the time in London. I am hoping that the two of you (or better still all four of us) might meet – and time is running out. They both know who you are.

Sebastian, Bernardo and I had an in depth meeting on Tuesday  (which is when it became obvious that there is huge overlap between FASST and SHIFT). Sebastian and I met again today and got into more detail. We have agreed to work together closely. You and I are already committed to being in the  “core group” of FASST (though we may not have agreed that terminology). I mean that we’ve agreed to put time into developing the details of procedures etc that will allow FASST to function effectively, and develop its “culture” and “way we do things around here”.

@Bernardo and @Sebastian

I’ve written something about FASST culture and how I see it spreading here – FASST – Organising for Collaborative Development


In our discussion today Sebastian and I agreed that it would be helpful if FASST and SHIFT both developed the same “way we do things around here”.

He says FASST is ahead of SHIFT on that, so I invited him to join us in the core group of FASST.  He is interested in Holacracy and in Sociocracy. I’m ready to be taught more about Sociocracy and then I’m willing to go with whatever seems best (and I understand you are too). However on a practical level all I have to hand so far  is my limited knowledge of Holacracy so we’re starting with that.

So (relaying on my memory of Holacracy) we agreed the following.

The thee of us are in a circle and its purpose is to develop the procedures for “FASST/SHIFT culture”. A practical task you and/or I need to do first  is agree how we describe roles (i.e. exactly what goes under the headings of “domains” and “accountabilities” etc). Then we may as well put them on Glass Frog.

You and I will be formalising the structures for FASST (because we have the vision for that)  and Sebastian will be our “SHIFT cultural mentor” (letting us know if there is any cultural clash between FASST and SHIFT). He will also be an “ambassador for FASST culture” within SHIFT. I’ll do all the rest of the explanations when we talk.

I hope you will be able to meet Sebastian F2F while he is in London, but if not then we’ll see what we can arrange on Skype.

I’ll email you all to share contact details, and we’ll see what we can fix.