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Dadamac Connect showed off some of its connections at an event that Nicola and I arranged at Hub Westminster on January 10th 2015. We arranged it on behalf of another organisation that has “Dadamac DNA”. It’s called Dadamac Foundation. It’s focussed on Africa-UK connections and is a registered charity –  see

Like Dadamac Connect it grew out of the work Nicola and I did together previously for many years in the Dadamac Network  (archived at

The event was “Africa-UK Connections  in Practice – New Approaches for 2015”. It was to promote the work of Dadamac Foundation, share its vision, and connect with possible collaborators.

Given our shared Dadamac DNA, Dadamac Connect sponsored the event in various ways including bringing in 180 degrees to video it- see video called #dadamac2015

Nicola (also known as Nikki) blogged about the event recently over on the Dadamac Foundation website, giving more background and all the links – see Summary of Dadamac’s January Launch of New Model