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@Louis. Ref your question of starting a “co-working meetup/offshoot (potentially weekly)”. I’ve mentioned it to @nicola (see why below) and she’ll be contacting you. Your question also connects with other co-working experiences  / locations / approaches that we know about and are happy to share with you.

Louis’ question

Louis wrote

I’m thinking of starting a co-working meetup/offshoot (potentially weekly)  of Bromley Coffee Club.
Basically book a bit of space in a cafe for maybe 10 (possibly a Monday 9:30-12:30) in Bromley or maybe Beckenham for a change.
Do you think anyone would find this of interest ?


I think it’s an interesting idea, especially for a Monday morning. I think it could be useful for the existing Coffee Club members who are genuinely working from home, and for other home workers who haven’t joined the Coffee Club. Would you carry on doing the monthly Midday Coffee Club as well? Given the Coffee Club is starting to attract people who don’t actually work from home, it might be worth considering beforehand how you want to grow your “community”. I can see benefits and disadvantages keeping the Coffee Club with a wider membership than the co-working meetup/offshoot.

Nicola did something similar to your Monday meeting in Croydon for about a year at Matthew’s Yard, so she’s got useful experience of how this kind of thing plays out. We’ve also got experience of various co-working spaces, and working “tribes”.

Regarding Bromley or Beckenham, Nicola’s original idea was to work in Bromley, but at the time that she did her initiative Croydon happened to be a better location. Since then we’ve discovered that one of our other contacts was interested in doing something similar in Bromley (and perhaps he still is) . Between them, he and Nicola have done a good deal of research around the “co-working space and supportive community” idea in Bromley that might be useful to you. Beckenham is an interesting possible location too. We haven’t explored that, but certainly there are more people to be seen tapping away at their laptops over their coffees in Beckenham now – and plenty of cafe’s and restaurants, so there might well be one that would like to attract some extra people on a Monday morning.

I agree with your timing. Monday morning was Nicola’s choice too. I imagine you’re both thinking along similar lines on that.

  • A clear start to the week.
  • Mutual support and energy to flip from “weekend mode” into “back to work”.
  • Conversations to help you clarify your ideas of what you intend to do in the week ahead.
  • Some “colleagues” to share snippets of your ongoing work story.

Nicola will probably suggest a phone call, which may be all you want. Alternatively, if you’re interested in exploring wider issues of how people who working from home, in this area, might like to come together to support each other. maybe the three (or four) of can get together.