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I’m making a fresh attempt at jotting down what’s going on. Jottings are for my own benefit as a memory jogger of where my life is going, and I’m doing them publicly because sometimes it may be handy for someone else to take a look.

So where am I? Suffice to say things have been busy. Some deadlines have been met, so I have time for reflection.

Today has been interesting – and as usual it’s had its share of the unexpected. Over the weekend I’ll have time for some choices.

As I look back over today I’m appreciating its evidence of friendship in all its many aspects, and I’m recognising the variety of shared experiences, and the different kinds of friends I connect with and (being me) I’m reflecting on how that ties in with deep systemic change in the 21st century.

Hmm. Is it just me who is continually jumping  back and forth in my life between theory and practice  – or does everyone do it ? Maybe they do, but they don’t go on about it like I do.

I’m thinking that I’ll reflect on some of the conversations and connections I’ve had today and, as I reflect, maybe I’ll write some relevant notes over in “continuing conversations” and “people an action” this evening.

Or maybe I won’t be back to Dadamac Connect until my next jottings,  whenever that my be…..


hmm .. the phone went.

I just had another unexpected catch-up conversation –  rather a long one. Some exciting stuff is going on. Things are coming together.

So now it’s almost exactly midnight.  Certainly there’ll be no notes for “continuing conversations” or “people an action” this evening.

I’ll scribble some names in my trusty, old fashioned, “very analogue” diary to remind me who I was connecting with today. That’ll do to jog my memory of what I might share with them publicly in Dadamac Connect – depending on how the weekend goes.