This is an alphabetical list of initiatives, organisations and ideas that are have been relevant to my explorations in the Landscape of Change.

This page is now (November 2017) out of date, but the influences mentioned here remain relevant.

Before I Die Network – BIDN

Before I Die Network – BIDN (Pamela McLean blog post)

Civil Society Forum

Website of the Civil Society Forum

Enlivening Edge

Enlivening Edge – a magazine of next-stage organizations … and creating enlivened workplaces where people can work with more joy, freedom, and fun. (Lots of posts related to teal and holacracy.)


Note from November 2017 –  FASST has served its purpose for now and has morphed into ideas related to the Holacracy of One

FASST (Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Change) is an experimental initiative based on what I have learned through other initiatives, discussion and reflection.  I am continually posting updates about FASST on DadamacConnect. Most of them are open letters, written to different people, and providing updates from  various perspectives. The best way to find the latest ones will be via the FASST tags. When I compiled this list, at the end of August 2106 , recent posts were:


Teal Organisations

I came to Teal ideas through a post written by Andy Paice soon after George Por launched Enlivening Edge. The post was Bridging U.Lab and Teal: a Personal, Collective and Societal Journey

Subsequently I became part of the Teal for Startups (T4S) group, and Teal for Practitioners. In my typical “learning by doing” way I started  exploring connections between Landscape of Change ideas, Holacracy, Teal, U.Lab and the practical work I had been doing.

Third Act

This is my age group, and the organisation is founded on Teal principles, so I hope to connect with it before long.


I did the U.Lab MOOC in 2015, I joined the learning circle at Impact Hub Westminster and subsequently became part of the U.Lab continuation group.

This website is the home of a registered charity co-founded by Nikki Fishman, Janet Whitehouse and Pamela McLean. Its mission is “To listen to changemakers in Africa and enable effective use of resources.” It emerged from collaborative work that John Dada and I did previously, including Oke-Ogun Community Agenda 2000+, Teachers Talking, and People’s

The name of the registered charity has been Dadamac Foundation but this is misleading as it suggests there is money behind it. In fact it is founded on a wealth of experience,strong person-to-person networks, and a track record of getting things done. The name is likely to be changed to when its new website is launched later in 2016.


Other foundational influences on my thinking and hence my contributions to the work of Dadamac Foundation/ are listed below, in alphabetical order – this is a partial list jotted in haste and I will return to make it more complete and better balanced.

  • Andrius Kulikauskas and his online network Minciu Sodas
  • Anna Pearce and her work with Wilberforce and the street children developing and using the Anahat solar cooker
  • Fred Garnett and others I met through Everything Unplugged
  • Gary Alexanderblog and  book  – eGaia – Growing a peaceful, sustainable Earth through communications
  • George Por, Anna Betz and other people in the School of Commoning
  • Graham Knight and his Biodesign work (especially early work with “DIY solar”)
  • Hanz Nahrada and his Global Villages work
  • Helmut Leitner and everyone else who introduced me to pattern language – especially Doug Schuler and Yishay Mor
  • London University and the Distance Education people there
  • Michel Bauwens and the P2P (Peer to Peer) Foundation
  • The OOCD 2000+ team and Cawdnet core group, especially Chief Adetola, Chief Gbade Adejumo, Chief Mojoyinola, David Mutua, Maria/Mama-Tobi, Muji Lawal, Mr Timothy Oyawale, Pastor David, Victoria Adetona.
  • Open Education Resource group and other online communities of practice
  • Tim Unwin and the ICT4D group
  • Tony Hall, who invited me to Everything Unplugged
  •  Dougald Hine and Vinay Gupta and everyone connected with Dark Mountain, Uncivilisation, Temporary School of Thought, the Really Open School, the Alternative University event at Hub Westminster  and other connected happenings