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Mark Petz sent me this link with the comment

“I went to a new initiative last week
it was the second rural parliament
it was here in Schärding, Austria
We wrote a manifesto, very like what Nyt Europa did in community engagement stakes
you can see it here
the bit about a pan European Rural Youth Parliament came from me
now people have to come forward to make rural youth parliaments on the national level
I hope it happens
and there is a good chance, but lets see if anyone resources it well enough to make that much happen.”

European Rural Manifesto – Schärding 2015

It’s done! After a three-days event including field visits, plenary sessions and workshops, we proudly present the final document. You can download it at this website.

Here you get also the last press-release, please download, translate it to your language and forward it to your press!

Many thanks to the 246 Delegates from 41 Nations who joined the 2nd European Rural Parliament. Very soon you will find all presentations and documents published on this website