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 The quote below is from New Tech, New Standards, New Everything….Won’t Matter Unless We Change Old Mindsets

It is relevant to the Reluctant Time Traveller – and when the system shifts.


If we approach our classrooms and lesson design based on earning or losing points, or making some cut point for graduation or college, we are never going to instill intrinsic motivation and real success. (snip)

[These] can only come from students that are engaged in projects and activities that are meaningful, personal, real and that take them places. …I know this is tough. But as long as we approach our instruction with the priorities being on points, grades and assessment as the starting point, we’re doomed to never be transformational.

We have to start with the focus on creating opportunities for our students for them to pursue higher level thinking through areas of personal interest, engagement and project pursuits. (snip)

The more we can move to portfolio work vs. report card/test score work, the better. The real world looks at one’s body of work and their ability to articulate that work. Our schools and classrooms need to do that same. This might be a simple idea, but it has complicated implications.