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Emergence for Teal Education (IEC Report)

By Jean-Paul Munsch for Enlivening Edge

It’s the third day of the Integral European Conference 2016 in Hungary. My workshop starts. I stand with both feet barefoot on the carpet. I’m grounded. I am in my strength. I start my presentation, happy that Robert Macleod, who talked before I did, about hacking the school system, provided a wonderful bridge with one slide which showed two ways of going Teal: hacking the system from the inside or shifting the system as a whole, to Teal.

This is what my presentation is about: bringing the public school system to the level of evolutionary purpose. It is about taking responsibility, self-organizing, decision-making and wholeness. And while writing this today, it becomes increasingly clear what my concept is about and what I’m doing in my work. To put it in one sentence: I’m meshing the Teal breakthroughs of responsibility, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose in order to bring a self-managing organism into life.

From the very start of the change process all stakeholders are involved and engaged in shaping their daily work in a conscious way so it makes sense to them.

All members of the organization are taken seriously from the beginning and they take—or begin to take—themselves seriously. I think that’s what becoming able to walk the talk is about. See my previous Enlivening Edge article „Development, Responsibility, and Next-Stage Evolution in the Educational System Part 2.“