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Not a catchy headline – but a pragmatic one. This post is a response to someone at Escape School yesterday who asked about visibility and posting comments (you know who you are, and I don’t name people unless I know they’re happy to be named.)

The short answer to posting comments was “Not possible now.” (which may seem odd given Dadamac Connect is about helping people to make connections and become more visible if they want to).

The longer answer is “If you want to then probably you can –  if I can set it up in a way that suits both of us.”

This is the “thinking timeline” on having comments at Dadamac Connect:

  • I asked Louis of to do the Dadamac Connect website
  • I said I’d be blogging
  • He showed me some other sites he’d done including one with a blog and lively comments threads
  • It reminded me of my previous experiences of online groups that need moderation
  • Moderation in not the way I want to spend my time – so I told him I don’t want comments.
  • At present the way information goes around is that I respond to:
    • Conversations I’ve have – like we had yesterday and I’m responding to here
    • Things people write to me through the contact form
    • Feedback from Dadamac Connect members
  • Membership could be the answer.
  • I could make the “right to comment” an automatic membership privilege.
  • Members, as a group, will influence the shape of any comments thread.
  • If a member was to cause problems through comments then others members could  suggest that the person’s membership be terminated.
  • I could set up as simple mechanism for terminating membership.
  • That would mean group moderation by members (s0 I don’t have to take the moderator’s role) and a way for you to comment (if you choose to be a member).

Please let me know what you think through the contact form.