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We were talking about how the Changemakers Club and the First Thursday Group might be useful to you and your Africa connections.

I’ve collected up the links I mentioned. I’m thinking that you might like to add your project as  one of our ‘changemaker stories. Alternatively (or in addition) you could join the First Thursday Group and simply post there now and again when something happened that you wanted to share.

The Changemakers Club and the First Thursday Group are hosted online by Kabissa – Space for Change in Africa

You’ll find all the Dadamac topics on the forum here –

This explains about the Changemakers Club –

As it develops it will be a good place for Changemakers to raise their visibility.

This is the background to First Thursday – First Thursday Meeting Updates

The First Thursday Group is moving gradually to Kabissa. What is emerging as a kind of “slow motion” version of what we used to do in our one- hour chat-room sessions in the past.  I’m trying different things out with different people. Once I have a clearer idea of how it will work I’ll invite more people.

Each month I set up a new space for the First Thursday Group. This means we keep getting a fresh start, so it’s a good, safe, place for us to learn and experiment, as well as sharing our news. This is the one I set up for July.