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News from my friend Ben de Vries – Certified Permaculture Designer.

If you live in USA please read on. Even if you don’t live in the USA please share this info.
This is our first year in operation. Using a method I developed for maximum seedling health and rhisosphere inoculation, we have in ground 1000 saskatoons, 1000 aronias, and are about to do a spring run of 1500 pecans. At present we are taking pre order on the first two for fall shipping. If you are interested in a deep discount on bulk pre order, please get in touch!

Rather than try to crowdfund, we are just going ahead with sales.

PLEASE share this link to social media to help us get off the ground!

Thanks for your help and hope to hear from you soon!

Ben de Vries

Certified Permaculture Designer
SKYPE: permaculture.designer
YOUTUBE: permaculturedesigner