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Hi John
Thank you for the Heartworks Schedule with details of the series of 6 evenings in Croydon (Matthews Yard) in 2013 where you mixed up mindfulness with community action, Croydonia and music. I’m glad our paths crossed last week at the Croydon Tech City launch 2017 event.

We certainly have overlapping interests ref (as you described them)

  1. Language and its inadequacies
  2. Meditation and mindfulness
  3. Community development/community arts

Let’s have those topics as a “mental agenda” for next time we get a chance to converse.

I’m noting some first thoughts, as a reminder to myself as much as anything, as a memory jogger ready for next time our paths cross.

Ref: Language and its inadequacies – ties in with lessons learned at Everything Unplugged, and elsewhere, including u.lab. More importantly perhaps is how it ties in with the need for other forms of expression, beyond language, such as Social Presencing Theatre. Relevant also to my futurist writing on being “exponentially human”. Also Clean Language.

Ref: Meditation and mindfulness – Yes I connect with that in various ways. NB Its increasing popularity as a starting point for online meetings.

Ref: Community development/community arts – Yes, in lots of ways. Including the “Cultural Leap” project for the “Reluctant Time Travellers”, the value of improvisation workshops as a tool for experimenting with new possibilities in a safe space. Also just the joy and the inter-relationship of community, development, and community arts/culture.

I wonder if you’ll be at Matthews Yard on Thursday. I’m hoping to make it.