George Por, a community knowledge garden and Dadamac UK-Africa

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This post by George Por (with my italics) provides context for ideas I’m exploring through Dadamac’s UK-Africa work regarding: the creation of an information commons preparing for organisational growth as a Teal organisation the relevance of pattern language Enlivening Edge – Introduction to the January 2016 Issue (snip) Learning innovation We would like to develop, in… Read more »

Living A Mindful Life – By: Kiara Jewel Lingo

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I like this practical explanation of mindfulness in “normal daily life” Living A Mindful Life – By Kiara Jewel Lingo: I am so grateful for the practice of mindfulness! Over and over I find that I don’t know how much I need to stop until I stop. In the midst of all the busyness of… Read more »

“Reinventing Organisations” at St Ethelburga’s – email sharing links

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January 20th 2016 Dear Friends, Thank you for participating in our Re-inventing Organisations event last Wednesday evening, we loved hosting it and really enjoyed the evening. Here is a wonderful article written by Andy Paice for Enlivening Edge, which captures the event wonderfully well, thank you so much Andy! As promised, I am writing to share… Read more »

Deep concerns related to unskilled volunteerism

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My unusual vantage point regarding UK-Africa connections and collaborations has caused me to be have some deep concerns related to unskilled volunteerism (I acknowledge the value of skilled volunteers). The articles below, with my italics, illustrate some of the issues. The source is The Guardian Global Development Professionals Network A space for NGOs, aid workers… Read more »

Checking in on Holacracy By Steffen Maier

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Checking in on Holacracy By Steffen Maier (snip) What are the pros and cons of this approach? Let’s start with some background on Holacracy. Brian Robertson developed the system to solve what he saw as barriers to productivity, creativity and transparency. (snip) With this system, employees no longer take job titles, but inhabit roles that create autonomy over… Read more »

#Dadamac – Maina Kiai – and “need to change our thinking”

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Excerpt from a post in the Guardian Global Development Professionals Network  – We are living in an age of protest  by Maina Kiai (UN special rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association). I’ve italicised where it is relevant to my interests in International Development issues and the effective use of… Read more »