#Dadamac response to “Five reasons donors give for not funding local NGOs directly”

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It’s impossible to gain support for a solution to a problem until people believe that the problem exists. Dadamac Foundation offers a solution to a problem that has been hidden, and is now becoming increasingly visible and mainstream. The post quoted below was originally published on the Guardian Global Development Professionals Network on Monday 9… Read more »

The Dadamackathon Idea

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The Dadamackathon idea (which is really more of a Dadamac Sprint idea) emerged through a meeting with Tribers at the Escape School, so I’ll introduce the idea via a quote from the Escape School newsletter (this relates to Dadamac Foundation) Hello Tribers, Last week we had the pleasure of listening to Pamela sharing her stories… Read more »

Systems thinking, sociology, communication and Dadamac’s ICT4D emphasis

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In Dadamac, when it comes to ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) we have an unusual emphasis regarding the “C for Communication”. I’m interested to see a complementary viewpoint in the post by Alice Junqueira on Complexity, Systems Thinking and Sociology quoted below: Quotes: When it comes to complexity and sustainability we often come across… Read more »

Open Cinema

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For Francesca: Christoph Warrack Open Cinema Impact Hub Westminster Open Cinema makes it possible for any community to have a cinema, and for it to offer them access to the world’s best culture and knowledge. Founded in 2009 and now a group of companies, a team of six is based at Impact Hub Westminster, Manchester… Read more »

Westminster Enterprise Week – #WEW2015 – Next steps

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This video makes useful points about young people and enterprise Westminster Enterprise Week – #WEW2015 More than half of young people in the UK aged 16 to 24 want to start their own business. To help them get their ideas off the ground, the council has launched an annual Westminster Enterprise Week to connect young… Read more »

Corporate social storytelling puts pressure on non-profits – Ellie Ward

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Corporate social storytelling puts pressure on non-profits (Relevant to the Dadamac Changemakers work on helping people to tell their stories – my italics ) Pressure on the non-profit sector to deliver effective social impact storytelling is increasing as more and more corporates seek to strengthen their brands using similar communications techniques and messaging. This was… Read more »

Antiuniversity of East London Festival Nov 20,21,22.

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Thanks to Tony Hall for this posted on Everything Unplugged . Conversations Facebook group. FRIDAY 20 NOVEMBER SATURDAY 21 NOVEMBER SUNDAY 22 NOVEMBER The ANTIUNIVERSITY NOW! festival is a collaborative experiment to revisit and reimagine the Antiuniversity of 1968 in a weekend of events inspired by the spirit, people and activities of the Antiuniversity of East London. The… Read more »

Welcome to Nigeria’s robot school!

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Welcome to Nigeria’s robot school! Today is UNESCO’s World Science Day for Peace and Development. To celebrate, read the story of ‘Project 10,000 Kids’ that aims to teach thousands of Nigerian schoolchildren how to build robots!  Can you imagine walking into a classroom when you were 10 and being told your task for the day was… Read more »