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Hi Pip. Ref your message “What is the Facebook page or web address for the time capsule project?”

Word of mouth

It’s mostly word of mouth at present, so no website yet. The digital time capsule is the first step to a bigger vision. These are the main things you need to know so you can join in.

The invitation

For the photos for the “time capsule” we’re inviting people to:
• Think of their values and their hopes for the future (for September Twenty Twenty-Seven to be exact)
• Share photos showing what they would like to see changed and worth celebrating by then (“more of…” and “less of…”) –
• Share photos of some trivial and mundane objects (just to see how objects do and don’t change over the next ten years)

Some people like to start by looking around and taking their photo of something “trivial and mundane”, something that usually goes unnoticed. Looking around and taking that photo can help you to get thinking about the past, present and future. It’s a starting point for thinking how things around us have been changing, or staying the same, and what you’d like to happen next.

Whatever you think of, you need to think of ways to follow through on it, to help make it happen, even if you can only take tiny steps. This isn’t for pie-in-the-sky things that some magical “they” are going to make happen without your involvement. If you want “Less war” for instance how might you reduce conflict in your own relationships? Would it be a good idea to start learning about non-violent conflict resolution?


This is a fun thing with a serious purpose.

If we:
• Imagine something clearly
• Connect with people who are imagining similar things
• Do something about it all in collaboration with others

• It becomes more likely to happen
• The more it happens the more those involved will have something to celebrate in ten years time.

NB. There may be some moderation of photos. For example no photos promoting sectarian violence would be included. We’re hoping for less of that.

Time line

The starting point is this weekend. The end point is an event called Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven, on 16-18 September 2027.

The 18th is scheduled as party night and that’s when we’ll be looking at the ten year digital time capsule and celebrating what we’ve managed to achieve. By then it won’t just be photos. We’re looking forward to an amazing combined digital publication and immersive experience – somewhere between what we already have on our smart phones and Star Trek’s Holodeck (see  Star Trek’s Holodeck, from science fiction to a new reality )

You can add photos (and other media) at any point in the next ten years (especially during September of any year) but imagine how you’ll feel in 2027 if your photos are among the earliest ones.


Photos can be as simple or detailed as you like.

A photo could just be words written on a sheet of A4 or flip chart paper “More bees. Less chewing gum on the pavements” – or you can add an illustration. Ideally hold your message in front of you and take a selfie, but anonymity is okay too.

Abstract ideas need words or drawings.

If it’s an object you can photograph it and add a caption.

The “trivial and mundane” photo is of anything you see around you, something that you hardly notice because it is so much part of everyday life in 2017. Please add a caption.

On Facebook join the group “XH2027 TIme Capsule” and post your photos there. On twitter send your photos to @xh2027 If you don’t use either then contact me via the contact form  and I’ll let you know other channels we’re setting up.

Why join in?

So that your values, hopes and ideas for the future are part of the picture of the positive future that we’ll be celebrating at Exponentially Human 2027. The dates are booked: 16-18th September 2027. It will be a celebration of human development and change for the better in our inter-connected world. You’ll be part of seeding a future worth celebrating. Sharing and discussing our hopes and values, making them visible, and imagining our future together is part of how we co-create where we are heading.