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You wrote “Hi, can you write me, when you have spare time, more about what you are currently working on”, so I’m answering here.

In our short Skype chat:

  • You mentioned your interest in the blue economy
  • You wondered if I’m” interested in sustainability, ethics at the core, instead of money which is a part, but not the only one”.
  • You emphasised “doing”, not just “talking”.
  • Given my interests in UK-Africa connections I wondered if your interests had a specific geographic focus, but you are not limiting yourself to a specific location.
  • We also mentioned our connections with Andrius Kulikauskas, Lithuania, and his interests in philosophy and education.
  • You asked “What kind of problems are prior right now. So I can start thinking and connecting dots.”

I’m thinking how long it is since we met, and what the best starting point would be. I’ll take some of the points above and see where they lead me.

Ref – thinking and connecting dots

It seems we have a shared interest in thinking and connecting dots. One of the reasons for setting up Dadamac Connect was so that I would have a space where I could think out loud and connect up dots.

You already know something about the Dadamac network (or community) and the old website at That website is simply an archive now – see Dadamac has moved – see Dadamac Foundation and Dadamac Connect

You ask about my priorities. At present I’m torn between doing the practical work that I need to do to make Dadamac Foundation sustainable, and sharing some of the ideas and insights that are continually exploding in my mind, but I don’t have time to express them. When I have done all I need to do in order to help push Dadamac Foundationstion to the next level I’ll be able to start enjoying more Dadamac Connect. I look forward to using and developing the Dadamac Connect space with its freedom to think out loud, share ideas and connect more widely.

Maybe exploring shared interests with you, here and later,  will give me a chance to think more about some ideas and connections.

Ref – Connections through Andrius

We mentioned Andius. i doubt if we would have met without our individual connections to him. He has helped me in many ways. I appreciate his interest in the questions people are asking themselves.  I have found it so helpful to have his clarity of thought applied to things that interest me.

At present he is helping me, in practice, to explore the best ways for Dadamac Foundation to make use of the Kabissa Forum. It is a new “online home” for some of Dadamac’s activities and information sharing.

I started off by experimenting with the “First Thursday” group over on Kabissa  I asked a few long-time First Thursday people to come over and experiment with me. Andrius was a natural choice to invite because the original First Thursday Group used to meet in Andrius’ chat room, which is no longer running. Given your interest in Lithuania and sustainable living you may like to see his photos.  He posted his latest photo in the July First Thursday Group – in earlier months you can see things in a much rougher state and better pictures of how he is gardening. Just go to the link and scroll down quickly and you will find his photos.

April –

May –

June –

July –

The Kabissa forum is mainly for things related to Africa, but Dadamac’s First Thursday Group has always had a wider geographic reach so Andrius also shares what he’s doing in Lithuania.

I posted previously about Kabissa Forum and Dadamac’s Changemakers Club and First Thursday Group here on Dadamac Connect –

Ref – “doing” not just “talking”

You and I  both favour “doing” not just “talking”. That is why I wanted to start this by sharing  evidence of some of the things I’ve initiated and helped to develop, which are still taking much of my time.  I want to spend more time reflecting and sharing what I think, but only on things that are rooted in what I know in practice. That is one reason why I’d never want to walk away from Dadamac Foundation. It is totally rooted in reality. I do however need help so that Dadamac Foundation  can do more (and I can shift my emphasis).

Ref – sustainability, ethics at the core, instead of money

That is a big discussion, all I can say now is “Yes, I do care about it, from many different perspectives.”

On the money side, if I was driven by money I wouldn’t have made the choices I have made since 2000 when I connected with the work of the late Peter Adetunji Oyawale. Much of my life is spent doing things for no money. For years I have earned money (outside of Dadamac) to cover my basic bills and then worked freely for interest and satisfaction on things related to Dadamac. It is only in the past twelve months that I have started to earn some money through Dadamac related consultancy.

On sustainability I hate the way we plunder the planet – and most of the plunder is turned into rubbish. I grieve for the direction we are going, and hope we can turn things around before it is totally too late.

I’m interested in appropriate technology and sustainable ways of living.  I hope that as the Internet connects people from different cultures we will learn from each other and discover the best elements to build on. I hope that consumerism and market forces won’t be the dominant cultures.  I hope that together we will do things better – see Pam – we want street lights!

Ref – the blue economy

You are enthusiastic about the blue economy

I like what I’ve seen, but I haven’t been deep enough to consider it critically. I don’t know the quality and practicality of the examples it is collecting and promoting. I’d be interested in your reflections and practical considerations.Do you have any particular hopes for how our interests may overlap relating to that?

Ref – my priorities

My priorities vary, because I have wide interests and I’m interested in connections. Sometimes if someone brings energy relating to one of my fringe interests then I’ll give that interest more attention, because it is becoming potentially fruitful. It all depends on how things connect up at a given time. I’m interested in

  • The future of our planet and how we can continue to live on it
  • Deep systemic change
  • Learning (practical and theoretical)
  • Roles and relationships of teachers and learners in a connected world.
  • International Development and local community development
  • The Internet and its implications
  • What it means to live (and live well) in a connected world

I look forward to your response and hope you will write something with permission that I can share it – even if it is just a follow up Skype chat..