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Welcome to our experiment

Neither Pamela nor Za is sure what to expect of this experiment in collaboration except that, through it, they will have a deeper understanding of their present and future lives. They believe it will help you to do the same.  

Here goes:


The Reluctant Time Traveller is a collection of wisdom, experience and imagination to help you find your way in our rapidly changing world.

It is a collaborative work, drawing on many sources, visible and invisible, which we will try to acknowledge. To begin at the beginning: the title came from Nikki Fishman, the subtitle is Rob Symington’s. After that, once we get into complete sentences and paragraphs, well, it’s hard to say where it all came from, but we’ll do our best. If you recognise anything that we have failed to attribute and should have done please let us know.

What is certain is that none of the ideas are ours alone. They have emerged through the influence and generousity of others who have shared their work, thoughts and ideas with us formally and informally, knowingly and unknowingly, over many years. We give every one of them our heartfelt thanks.

Why we are writing it

We are writing it because we live in rapidly changing times. Old certainties no longer seem as sure and certain as they were. It’s no good hiding indoors for a few months or years, or burying yourself under the duvet in the hope that when you come out “everything will be back to normal”. There will be no ‘normal” to “go back to”. Like it or not, we are heading for the future and it’s going to be different to anything we’ve known before. The Reluctant Time Traveller – How to Survive and Thrive When the System Shifts – will help you on your way.

How to read this

You can read it from the beginning as we write it or by dipping in as the fancy takes you. For an emphasis on facts read the bits by Pamela, for something more imaginative read what Za has to say.