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Many of the ideas in Dadamac Connect are connected to finding our ways through the “Landscape of Change”. i.e discovering ways of living that are relevant and fit for purpose in the “connected world” where we increasingly live. I’m interested in the development of the Internet and its relationship to our rapidly changing world. I heard Sir Tim Berners-Lee  speak at a Web We Want Festival event last year, and hope to make it to some of the events in May this year (more about Sir Tim Berners-Lee here on wikipedia  and his quotes).

Web We Want Festival (promotional material)

Thursday 28 May 2015 – Sunday 31 May 2015

Web We Want is an extensive celebration of how the web has changed our lives.

Join us for the third weekend of our Web We Want festival, exploring the past 25 years of the web and looking to the the future.

Learn to code and build a website, play with pixels and explore digital art, join a campaign and learn about the history of the World Wide Web. Meet the minds shaping and developing online and digital spaces and explore artwork, debates, workshops, installations, talks and performances for all ages.

The festival is inspired by the work of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. His World Wide Web Foundation responds to threats to the web and drives change at a national and global level.

We are working with the Foundation to showcase their Web We Want campaign for a global ‘Magna Carta for the web’, so citizens in every country can be protected by an online Bill of Rights in their nation. From Cameroon to Colombia, examples of Web We Want activities include research to expose government surveillance, workshops to protect the privacy of online human rights activists and training to enhance the rights of women and girls on the web.

There are weekend and individual day passes available for adults, young people and children – plus plenty of free installations and workshops across our site.

Join us, and immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful world of the web.

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