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Hi Brian. I’ve just been reading your open letter on High Lines and Bottom Lines which ended “and wandered through the weeds myself”.

Wandering through the weeds – you were referring to city spaces. If we were talking, our conversation  would now bounce off from that in various possible directions, depending which of the thoughts that came to my mind got wordified first and tossed in your direction. As I’m writing I don’t have to choose between them:

  • Respect for the tough, determined, life affirming, self-seeding plants that manage to “make it” in inhospitable cracks in concrete.
  • My love of dandelions
  • The plants that grew on the bomb-sites of my childhood  NB These plants are possibly what gave me the inner conviction that the gardens and parks I knew (and the countryside that I saw on journeys to the sea-side) all had some kind of concrete or tarmac underneath.
  • The difference between weeds, and not weeds, and who says so.
  • Wild flowers and garden flowers.
  • Extremes
  • Either or
  • Digital analogue
  • Extremes of a continuum. (Hmm – What’s the plural? Continuums? Continua?)
  • ….


The phone rang… and now I’m not connected to the rest of those thoughts.

I’ll jump forward to what I was going to write to you about …

It is connected to:

  • Decluttering
  • That great piece you wrote about chucking stuff out before you left London to go back to New York (if I find the link I’ll add it here later).
  • The stuff I’ve got at my place – for all the reasons you wrote about
  • And…. the fact that I now have a decluttering buddy /therapist /agent

Interruption 2

A couple of skype calls interrupted this time.

I’ll tell you about the decluttering therapy some other day.

If you have the link mentioned above please send it to me.

Signing off

You have confused me by putting a sign off line in your last post – I’d never thought of putting one – but now my reply seems in need of something

Having considered some options I’ve decided to copy yours – although the word has been horribly devalued by facebook, and I always assume you know that I am one of yours (the pre-facebook kind) so it normally goes without saying (or writing) – but come to think of it I quite liked seeing it in writing from you:

Your friend,