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Hi Brian.

So much to tell you since we last wrote or Skyped.

Friday was a special ULab day – a live session to share feedback from last year’s course participants – see U.Lab – the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Check twitter and #ulab for a flavour of it.

I put up a photo of the ULab “continuation group” I belong to. It has been meeting each week at Hub Kings Cross, since the end of the ULab MOOC. Only one person is missing from the photo, she had to drop out after the date had been fixed. We hope she’ll be able to catch up again later.

Our day together was at Hub Westminster – on a sunny Spring day  – so we took our lunch over to St James’ Park. We were able to be at Hub W thanks to Floree (youngest in the group) with long, fair hair, kneeling next to me (unsurprisingly, I’m the oldest in the group). Floree works at Hub Westminster and also arranged the ULab study circle there, which is how Floree and I first met Katie (back row on the left).  We met the other “U.Labbers” later, at the last meeting of the course when several U.Lab study circles met at Hub Islington – and some of us decided to continue together.

Ulab holacracy plates 13010603_10208090061981752_1621465706965920127_n

The plates were the result of our “homework”. We had all been thinking of our own multiple roles in life, and expressing them in a  “Holacracy way”, under the influence of George Por and his “Holacracy of One” idea. (See Circle of Lifework on Enlivening Edge) We each shared our several roles on Sunday and a scribe noted each role on a paper plate, so we could easily review them afterwards (more plates than you see in the photo)

People, ULab, Holacracy and Teal connections

Here are some of the ways people and things are connecting for me right now.

Andy Paice (back row on right of the photo) made the original suggestion to us that we might try the Holacracy of One idea as a way of sharing with each other what we bring to the ULab group.

Andy works with George Por in various roles, and helps him a lot on Enlivening Edge – so Andy had previously copied George’s example and done his own “Holacracy of One” role descriptions.

My first awareness of Enlivening Edge and Teal organisations  came via something that landed in my inbox in the latter part of last year. It was a post written by Andy about Teal for Enlivening Edge. Next day I happened to be going to a meetup organised by Sally McCutchion. The meetup was featuring an introductory (or revision) taster of Holacracy, including a role-play of a governance meeting. Someone at the meetup referred to Teal. Later in the week, at a meetup organised by Matthew Partovi Teal was referenced again, even more strongly. Hence my increasing interest and the reason I bought “the Teal book” – Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux.

I was interested to find that one of the “Teal organisation” case studies is the organisation that developed Holacracy.

I went to a meetup that George Por and Anna Betz were organising at St Ethelburga’s. I learned more about Teal there. Later I went to another Teal related event with George at St Ethelburga’s. I forget who was at which event, but there were various familiar faces and faces that were to become familiar to me including:

  • Esther Ridsdale
  • Sally McCutchion
  • Victor Vorski
  • Malek Jaber

Malek, Victor and TS4

At one of the St Ethlburga events I heard about the Teal for Statups group (T4S) led by Malek Jaber and Victor Vorski. I’m now active in that group, especially in the Wealth stream. See – Wealth – and Teal for Startups and Is the Teal for Startups group a Teal Startup?

Imagine my delight, around October last year (when I was just beginning to connect with T4S) when I went to a ULab MOOC meeting at Hub Islington and found that Malek was also there. Like me he joined the continuation group that Andy has organised ever since at Hub Kings Cross. Malek is in the middle of the front row of the plates photo, wearing a black t-shirt.

Sally (and Katie) and Holacracy

Sally McCutchion of EvolvingOrganisation and I are now working together exploring how the network/organisation/idea of Dadamac can become a Holacracy. More on that some other time. Katie has recently been on a Holacracy taster morning, as a result of her links with me and Dadamac.

Esther and CSF and Teal

Esther Ridsdate is co-founder of Civil Society Forum (CSF). I originally connected with Esther and CSF a couple of years back through Andy Paice, and I’m actively involved in some work she and others in CSF are doing together at present.  I was delighted to discover her interest in Teal.

Others linked with Dadamac as a Holacracy

Nikki Fishman (co-founder of Dadamac) and I did our Holacracy tasters last year, or earlier. My initial introduction was via a breakfast meeting at HubW.  The taster that Katie went to was also attended by a couple of other people with links to Dadamac/me – Andrew Orford, and Gavin Peacock (who I originally met a couple of years ago through CSF). They were both round at my place soon after the Holacracy taster for a feedback session –  see Holacracy Huddle and More

More Interconnecting and Systems Thinking

There is lots more going on and interconnecting – including a day course on Systems Thinking (the Saturday before last) organised by Floree at Hub Westminster. Attendees included several of us from the ULab continuation group.

Spring, Bluebells and the Marathon

It’s also Spring. So I’ve been walking in the nearby bluebell wood. Today is the London Marathon – so I’ve had an eye on that because one of my nephews was running in it – starting at 10.00 am and completing at 12.47 – after which I made my way to the gym with increased motivation.

It’s also the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death – Andrew Orford shared this link of a happening he was at – it’s a gem of South London street theatre to celebrate it – Hmm – bother – I found the link for you but it says “This video no longer available” – I’ll have to tell you about it instead.

It’s been a while so there’s lots more to tell you – and for you to tell me I imagine.

Looking forward to our Skype call later today.