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Hi D

Thanks for sending me your summary of our conversation yesterday and saying I could share it. I enjoyed meeting  you and learning about your transition. You wrote:

I am transitioning into a new career after having worked as a lawyer in the city for a few years. I am on a programme that allows me to experience new areas and organisations for the period of one year and in doing so I took a 2/3 pay cut. You kindly and very incisively pointed out that I didn’t take a pay cut and that I’m receiving the rest in value that is not money – experience, knowledge and networks.

Many thanks for that.

I appreciated our discussion and your response to the truth of being rewarded in ways that are valuable, but are not money. I  have a deep interest in how we acknowledge and factor in value that is hard to quantify. The logo on this website is an expression of that interest as explained here

I hope our paths will cross again. I’d appreciate exploring these ideas further with you.