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In Thinking aloud about Holacracy of One roles – part 1 Whole Self (WS) said to Role 1 (R1) the Compulsive Collaborator:

Okay. I’m interested. And I recognise a lot of overlap with things I value in the previous/present roles in my life

I need to know what help you’d need from me if I give you a place in my future life. I like the idea of going forward with you but will you be too demanding? Can we get along well together?

Why don’t you go and make a list of the collaborations you are currently involved in, and what you want to do, and we can consider what I can realistically support.

Presenting the list

R1 – I’ve done a quick list, if you’d like to see it and talk it through.

The list was made as things came to mind, and arranged alphabetically for ease of reference. These are all things that are relevant in my life at the moment.

WS – Are they all equally demanding on your time?

R2 – No.

Some of the collaborations are currently active and energetic, some are more or less “on hold”, but if they “came alive” through someone else adding energy I’d try to add some energy as well.

One is bubbling away and full of energy at the moment (that’s FEAST). I did break that one down into smaller collaborative groups, reflecting the way it’s working online at present, but that seemed too detailed for this list.

WS – What about you and your roles in the collaborations?

R2 – That varies.

Some of the collaborations would not exist without me, because of the way I was there when they began. In others I’m on the fringes, but glad to be there, and aware of the potential. I don’t want to forget them completely in my list.

Some are extremely new and may be too fresh and fragile to count as “collaborations” – but that rather depends on how you define a collaboration. In this context a collaboration is two or more people who come together to do some kind of work. It might be paid or unpaid and is probably more closely related to “social” value (in a very broad sense) than it is to immediately obvious financial value.

I’ve stretched the boundaries a bit. I’ve allowed myself to include the idea that going somewhere to exchange information and learn from each other is also a social good, and a kind of peer-to-peer collaboration, so can be included here.

  • Dadamac Foundation
  • Escape School
  • Exponentially Human
  • Facebook groups where we help/support/learn from each other
  • Federated Wiki
  • GlobalNet21
  • Hub Westminster
  • London Enspiral
  • Meetups – various
  • OneShift
  • Project for a Progressive Ethics
  • Research-Practitioner collaborations
  • RSA Fellowship
  • Skype – buddying/support/learning sessions
  • Tuttle
  • Teal for Startups (T4S)
  • u.lab continuation group on Zoom
  • And a few others – but I ran out of time….

WS – Hmm.  I’m not at all sure I can allow all those. You’re not the only Role in my life you know. I think Caregiver will have something to say if I agree to support all that you want to do.

And I did say that I want to try for four roles this time around, like George has.

We’ll have to come back to this list and knock it into better shape. Try and have a think about it before we meet again.

Meanwhile – I think we deserve a break. Time for another cuppa.