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Okay – so ref Thinking aloud about Holacracy of One roles – part 1

I’ve had the cuppa and I’m back.

Time for Whole Self (WS) to call in Role 2 (R2). So… .

Calling in Role 2 – the Practical Innovator

WS – Come on in R2 and introduce yourself. What shall I call you?

R2 – For now call me Practical Innovator

WS – What do you do?

R2 – That’s not easy to describe.

I could say something about innovation, and practical problems and making prototype solutions, but that sounds too general to have any meaning. It also covers lots of things I don’t do.

I could give examples of what I’ve done in the past, and maybe we could pull out some kind of tidy description together, see what the connecting threads are.

WS – Hmm. Let’s come at this from a different angle

Why do you do this “practical innovator” stuff? What good is it to anyone?

R2 – Why do I do it?

Because “something” (some kind of challenge, or problem, or idea) has kind of “called out to me”, and once my curiosity and creativity are aroused then I’m hooked on finding a solution. I have to see “it” more clearly, what the “challenge” is, if it can be tackled, and how that can be done, and what the tricky bits are and how I could overcome them. I have to  investigate, and look at “it”from other perspectives, and I just have to keep prodding and poking at it and seeing how “it” could be done, until I’ve found a practical solution that I can see will work.

WS – And do you find solutions?

R2 – It depends what you mean by finding solutions.

I do find solutions, and I demonstrate that they work, but then I’m not sure what to do with the solutions, to make them more generally available.

WS – Hmm. This all sound rather unsatisfactory – not much good at all.

You can’t explain yourself. You can’t justify yourself.

I don’t even know if it’s worth while asking you to go away and write a list of what you’ve done, especially if you’ll need my help in making sense of it.

I really am very busy you know.

Why should I make space for you in my life? And – Oh for heaven sake R2 – now what’s the matter with you? This is no way to behave in an interview. Stop snuffling.

R2 – (with tears starting to flow)

You can’t throw me out WS.

If you throw me out I have no-where else to go …

And you will miss me….

You will miss me so intensely that..

You will be sorry…

You will be sorry…  very, very sorry If you throw me out

Excuse me. I have to go and find some tissues.

But think about it WS. I am the expression of your creative and curious self.

I have no-where to live except in you, and if you throw me out you will be nothing.. nothing..

How can you be anything without your curiosity, and without the creative expression of where it leads – you will be….you will be… as good as dead.

WS – Oh for heavens sake R2 – come back later when you’re being less of a drama queen and more coherent.

Go and blow your nose, and have a nice cup of tea, and we’ll see what we can do about this later.


This seems to be taking on a life of its own.

I didn’t know what “category” to choose for the first post, but now there are two it can be a “continuing conversation” I could do with changing the categories and menu items on this site, but have yet to learn how.

I think we’ll see the collaborator back again.

One of the reasons I need to work collaboratively is so that I pick up skills and strategies from other people as I go along. It doesn’t happen if you work alone. Any one out there who could help me learn to make simple adjustments to a wordpress site?

I’m not sure “who else will be interviewed” – or if/when “interviewing” will continue – but I do need to define my roles to help me organise my priorities. I’m attracted to the idea, and practical reality, of “the Holacracy of One” and plan to investigate it further.