(This relates to a post about system builders and entrepreneurs)

Like an entrepreneur I’m thinking about financial models and sustainability for various parts of the work I do (much of it under the heading of “Dadamac”). I have to put things on a financially viable footing if we are to take previous Dadamac “demonstrator projects” or “prototypes” to a new level and expand our work.

My vision goes beyond those particular projects. I have a longer view where I see Dadamac as part of a much bigger picture.

I want us to work faster on new ideas and collaborations so that people (and organisations) can see that bigger picture, be inspired by it, and start to understand where they could fit. That involves system building.

Once there is a shared vision it’s possible for different people and organisations to work independently in ways that support and enrich each others efforts – connected but independent – as if they are within a swarm, herd or shoal. They are part of the same picture, but it’s not a single, framed picture, frozen in time. It’s a moving, living picture,

Working faster would take a bigger team, and a bigger team would require additional finance. The bigger team would accelerate the shared vision that would enable the appropriate people and organisations to self-organise into self-interested, but mutually beneficial behaviours that would be value adding for all the participants.

Entrepreneurs get financial backing – and so can system builders.

Working towards sustainability in Dadamac is partly a matter of recognising and separating out the various points where Dadamac adds value, and making those elements financially sustainable. That’s something we’re getting much better at doing, but “building a business” wasn’t the original idea or motivation that I had when I got involved in what I’m now doing under the heading of Dadamac.

By nature I’m an innovator, thinker and teacher rather than an entrepreneur.