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Congratulations to Steve Thompson and all connected with Skinningrove Jetty. The people I know in this saga are Steve and Barry (‘the flying mayor”.) Steve I met through PRADSA (Practical Design for Social Action). I met Barry when he was with Steve at an event organised by Franz Nahrada – who I hope to introduce here soon. Meeting Barry was a weird experience, I felt I already knew him well, but that was from familiarity with his second life avatar., which is uncannily accurate.

At the end of the Franz Nahrada’s event Steve and Barry presented all the women in the group with a “cuddly toy” souvenir – mine is now the Dadamac Connect mascot – see Introducing Logo Berr

See below for Steve’s Skinningrove Jetty update:


Many of you have seen my presentation of the Second Life films feature a flying mayor and a dancing MP to depict how the derelict Skinningrove Jetty could look in the future. Well, now after years of campaigning, the future has arrived and with the aid of £3M the Jetty is being restored and made safe. I have 5 interns filming this (as well as other productions) and you’ll be able to see this in a Blogcast on August 6th from

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