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Hi Willam,

We were discussing our mutual problem of flipping over from a state of “having knowledge gained through deep experience and enquiry” into a state of “sharing whatever knowledge others would find useful”.

We talked about the process of “wordifying” things, i.e. “talking them through” (or writing them). We considered how “wordifying” is part of the pre-process of sharing more widely with others:

  • “Wordifying” is a linear form of expression
  • It’s a reduction
  • It’s a reconstruction (sometimes a painfully difficult one) of deeply interconnected internal knowledge into an external form
  • It can be cathartic for the speaker
  • It reduces information and idea overload
  • It serves a personal function for the speaker/writer, accelerating personal understanding and insights
  • Ideally it is also of interest to the listener, and part of a mutually beneficial exchange

It seems that structuring and re-structuring internal knowledge to share with others (or with some imagined other) is like a kind of day-dreaming. Just like real “asleep dreaming”, it’s a way of processing what we know (but don’t “know that we know”) tidying it up and making it more available to ourselves (and thus, ultimately, to others).

I  imagine that the “academic life” (in its ideal form) gives people the opportunity to jump frequently between exploring knowledge and wordifying it.

Perhaps the greatest potential of the Internet, is that it enables more of us to function as independent thinkers in collaboration with others instead of in isolation even if we don’t share a physical space with others who share out interests.

Thinking together is a great accelerator of new insights and knowledge creation – especially when the thinking is deeply rooted in practical experience.

The open letter I wrote to you on “Practical 21st Century “Big Vision” and #Dadamac” was part of the wordifying process (as was our subsequent online exchange). Having written that post, and this one, it is becoming easier to move on to another aspect of thinking that I also need to wordify. I need to explore how the Big Vision fits into the theories and practices of Teal Organisations and Holacracy. I’ll do that in my next post to you.