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I missed the Teal Start-up working group meeting where people were asked “What is your Intention? What is your Passion, Mission, Vision and Belief?” so I’m writing my reply here instead. Given we live in a time of rapid change, my answers may change shape but the central core remains the same – rather like an amoeba (amoeba defintion: …. having no definite form and consisting of a mass of protoplasm containing one or more nuclei surrounded by a flexible outer membrane)

My intention is to develop in my role as a teacher-learner, and as a collaborative explorer, in a time of deep systemic change.

My passion is co-discovering what it means to live and flourish together now we are part of an Internet-based global society.

My vision: Is to co-create more effective ways for us to “rub minds”, face to face and online, for harmonious individual and global living (in its “fullest” sense).

My belief: The future we are moving into may soon make our past almost unimaginable  (see Time Travellers All ) and there is an urgency for us to develop appropriate strategies to move smoothly into that future – Teal organisational processes and practices can help.

(Shared with the Teal Start-up working group)