Metaphors and Clean Language

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Hi Christopher Following our discussions yesterday on metaphor and “where it sits” regarding thinking and communication (and FASST) I thought you might appreciate this video by Judy Rees on Clean Language and Metaphor   More about Judy here: Judy Rees Judy is also active in RSA reinventing work network – next event plus more information… Read more »

Personal blocks, cross-boundary teams, and FASST

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This open letter follows your comment that “I feel like the journey unpicking our own blocks is worth taking and sharing. Following that, we can have an outward focus that might be useful to cross-boundary teams (across departments, across functions, across location).” You and I  have overlapping interests there – both on “unpicking our own… Read more »

Creating ‘future fit’ organizations today by Giles Hutchins

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I’ve copied this link because it gives context to why I’m initiating the FASST experiment. I’ve copied the last few paragraphs for the summary and to remind myself of the writer’s viewpoint (the italics are mine).  For the full post see Creating ‘future fit’ organizations today by Giles Hutchins He concludes his article thus: This regenerative… Read more »

Response to “Machine Money and People Money”

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I like it when a down-to-earth article addresses issues that some people would otherwise find hard to take seriously. It gives me a credible jumping off point for some of the  conversations I want to have. “Machine Money and People Money” offers a useful perspective on work and employment, and how they are not necessarily… Read more »

Cluetrain 1999 – things about markets and company culture that teal people will recognise.

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I’ve just discovered the Cluetrain manifesto – I’ve copied the start of the introduction below – with my “teal perspective” italics added. A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter, …and getting… Read more »

Enlivening Edge – Temporary, Negotiated Hierarchies

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Temporary, Negotiated Hierarchies by Staff By Harold Jarche orginally published in Harold Jarche Hierarchies in Perpetual Beta A Post-Job Economy The job was the way we redistributed wealth, making capitalists pay for the means of production and in return creating a middle class that could pay for mass produced goods. That period is almost over,… Read more »

Before I Die Network, Next Event and Me.

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Most people in the Before I Die Network (BIDN) are recent graduates, deciding what to do with their lives, but there are no age barriers, and I’ve also been given a warm welcome. News of the next event is out, along with an invitation to reflect on the previous one, so I’m sharing my reflections… Read more »

Wealth – and Teal for Startups

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The observations and opinions offered here relate to three key ideas: The Internet is having some deeply disruptive influences on “how we usually do things” because individuals and organisations are having to adjust to life in an increasingly inter-connected world For many of us what we do as our “paid work” (i.e. in our “sold”… Read more »