Evolutionary purpose, callings, beliefs and passions

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Hi Brent. Regarding evolutionary purpose you asked for our thoughts on the final sentence in this quote: “For organizations like Fitzii, the purpose of the company isn’t dictated from above, or ever set in stone. Rather, the purpose is considered to be evolving as the organization evolves. In this view, no one “creates” the purpose…. Read more »

#Dadamac and Synergy with Teal

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Hi William, I’m returning to our shared interest in Teal, and how that ties in with Dadamac’s Big Vision, as described in Practical 21st Century “Big Vision” and #Dadamac. I’m going to explore a few aspects of Teal organisations that seem particularly aligned with Dadamac, either as it is now or how it will become… Read more »

Gertraud Wegst Interviews George Pór – Dreaming Teal’s Future: Midwifing a System of Influence, Together (IEC 2016 Preview)

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Full interview posted in Enlivening Edge Posted April 24, 2016 by Staff & filed under Columns. Interview with George Pór conducted by Gertraud Wegst as part of the Unity in Diversity Appreciative Inquiry project of the May 2016 Integral European Conference. Transcribed by Jeff Aitken and Ben Roberts, with a few post-interview edits by George…. Read more »

Update on People, ULab, Holacracy,Teal and more

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Hi Brian. So much to tell you since we last wrote or Skyped. Friday was a special ULab day – a live session to share feedback from last year’s course participants – see U.Lab – the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Check twitter and #ulab for a flavour of it. I put up a photo… Read more »

So much to learn more about…

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Lots of learning today, so I’m quickly putting up some of the things I’ve been looking at, mainly for my own future reference. I’m not putting full explanations of where the links came from or why they interest me – but I am adding the odd bit of context. Someone sent me a link to… Read more »

Back @Tuttle again – a flavour of the conversations

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Over the years the Tuttle club has moved around and I’ve been intrigued by the effect different Tuttle venues have had the dynamics of the group. Last week we were at the up-market offices of Z/Yen ( Z/Yen Facebook, website). About half a dozen of us had arrived earlier than Lloyd Davis (the man behind… Read more »

Wealth – and Teal for Startups

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The observations and opinions offered here relate to three key ideas: The Internet is having some deeply disruptive influences on “how we usually do things” because individuals and organisations are having to adjust to life in an increasingly inter-connected world For many of us what we do as our “paid work” (i.e. in our “sold”… Read more »