FASST people

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This is an update for people who are are wondering where they will fit in FASST. Some of you will be more concerned with the “container” and some more concerned with the “contents” (as covered in  Explaining “FASST = Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation ). This post covers the current vision for FASST… Read more »

Explaining “FASST = Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation”

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FASST stands for “Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation”. It is a holacracy and teal experimental initiative. (For information on teal organisations, holacracy, and other influences on FASST see the initiatives page). “Freedom” refers to teal ideas and the freedom people at the front line have to make their own decisions. They can do… Read more »

My Journey With Teal and Teal for Startups

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Meeting Teal: My journey with Teal began when Andy Paice wrote about Teal organisations on Enlivening Edge and someone sent the link to me. It looked interesting. The following week, to my surprise, during a couple of Face-to-Face (F2F) Meetups in London I came across Teal ideas again. I read “Reinventing Organisations” (the book introducing… Read more »

FASST – an experiment in learning and holacracy

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Hi Gavin and William. I’m writing to you together this time, because of the way you have both been helping me to explore ideas around my holacracy experiment. In this open letter I’ll try to bring the two conversations together. Naming the thing William and I have been referring to the experiment in terms of… Read more »

Pam’s FASST Experiment!

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Hi Gavin Thank you for your response to my open letter to you i.e. Pamela in #holacracy mode, with its heart-searching about the nameless yet-to-be-launched holacracy and its boundary.  Thanks for saying you’d think about what I might call the holacracy, and then following up with an email that you said I could share. I’ve… Read more »

Pamela in #holacracy mode

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Hi Gavin, This is the what I’ve been thinking since our conversation yesterday about the holacracy launch, the challenge of defining the boundary, and who/what is inside. We’ve done diagrams together of the boundary. We’ve agreed that “what comes first is the people”. Where does that leave us? Given it’s “my holacracy experiment” I shouldn’t… Read more »

House-shares, #holacracy, chickens and eggs.

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Hi Brian, This open letter springs from our Skype catch up on how our lives are going, especially the bit about house/flat shares and holacracy (in the context of  U.Lab, Teal, your Meditation Group and more). I’ve been thinking about the ideas we tossed around relating to holacracy as an operating system for house/flat/apartment shares,… Read more »

Practical 21st Century “Big Vision” and #Dadamac

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Hi William, You asked me to put in writing the “Big Vision” that I was telling you about regarding Dadamac’s UK-Africa collaborations and our alternative, grass-roots led, approach to International development. So here goes. The Dadamac Big Vision is something fit for purpose in the 21st century. It is completely practical and every part of… Read more »