Help with Holacracy in FASST?

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Hi M, It is some months since you expressed an interest in FASST (Freedom Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation) and kindly offered to help with my related explorations in Holacracy.  Back then things were too embryonic for me to be able to define any specific need. Given the passing of time I realise I… Read more »

The challenge of “wordifying” experiential knowledge

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Hi Willam, We were discussing our mutual problem of flipping over from a state of “having knowledge gained through deep experience and enquiry” into a state of “sharing whatever knowledge others would find useful”. We talked about the process of “wordifying” things, i.e. “talking them through” (or writing them). We considered how “wordifying” is part… Read more »

Is 2016 the year of Pomodoro?

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I liked this tweet – Teatro Pomodoro ‏@teatropomodoro Jan 3 It took us almost 3 days to figure it out, but now we are sure: 2016 is going to be the year of the Pomodoro Relevant @Jonathan -The pomodoro video 44 seconds in reminded me of our “colleagues conversation” today at Deli Nene  –… Read more »

Be encouraged my friends

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This post was prompted by a failed Skype call this morning. A friend and I were about to have a quick “smile and a wave” on Skype,  or maybe it would have been a longer heart-to-heart chat. I don’t know because the call failed. We’ve both written ‘be back later’ messages. I was going to… Read more »

From HubWestminster Newsletter – wonder if there is any overlap with the interests of Dadamac Foundation.

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