December 11th FASST update

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Dear FASST friends. FASST has moved on during 2016, so I’m getting a few things in writing before the end of the year. FASST (Freedom, Accountability and Structure for Systemic Transformation) is an “experiment in collaboration”. It is an emergent organisation, and its shape is becoming clearer as more of my friends and contacts join… Read more »

Personal blocks, cross-boundary teams, and FASST

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This open letter follows your comment that “I feel like the journey unpicking our own blocks is worth taking and sharing. Following that, we can have an outward focus that might be useful to cross-boundary teams (across departments, across functions, across location).” You and I  have overlapping interests there – both on “unpicking our own… Read more »

Why FASST? In order to experiment

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Hi Jon and Susan, Thank you for continuing to challenge my thinking. Between you, you sent me off in the directions of  “Dr Graves and Spiral Dynamics” and “Cargo-cult Science” (see Meet Dr. Graves and Spiral Dynamics ref Teal and T4S and  Cargo cult science – wikipedia – relevant FASST as an experiment). Reference Social… Read more »

FASST – an introduction and invitation

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This open letter is for people who need an introduction to FASST, and also for people considering how they will be involved. It addresses the questions of What? Why? When? Where? How? – and most importantly Who? (Links to further information are given at the end). If you want to get involved let me know… Read more »

My Journey With Teal and Teal for Startups

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Meeting Teal: My journey with Teal began when Andy Paice wrote about Teal organisations on Enlivening Edge and someone sent the link to me. It looked interesting. The following week, to my surprise, during a couple of Face-to-Face (F2F) Meetups in London I came across Teal ideas again. I read “Reinventing Organisations” (the book introducing… Read more »

FASST – an experiment in learning and holacracy

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Hi Gavin and William. I’m writing to you together this time, because of the way you have both been helping me to explore ideas around my holacracy experiment. In this open letter I’ll try to bring the two conversations together. Naming the thing William and I have been referring to the experiment in terms of… Read more »

Pamela in #holacracy mode

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Hi Gavin, This is the what I’ve been thinking since our conversation yesterday about the holacracy launch, the challenge of defining the boundary, and who/what is inside. We’ve done diagrams together of the boundary. We’ve agreed that “what comes first is the people”. Where does that leave us? Given it’s “my holacracy experiment” I shouldn’t… Read more »