Continuing Conversations November 1st – 10th

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Hi Folks These are some recent meetings and conversations (Nov 1st – 10th)  gathered together to offer the wider picture. I’m tying some of this collection together with reference to a chapter I’m planning. However that connecting thread only emerged incidentally as I got into conversations. It wasn’t the main reason for any meetings. Given… Read more »

Reviving Critical Modernism in Development Studies

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Hi Richard. I read your post about Reviving Critical Modernism in Development Studies. I’m encouraged by what you’ve written. I agree that it is extremely important to look critically at Issues of power, and to enable less powerful voices to be represented in the development discourse. Ref “In practice, this means seeking universals and commonalities to… Read more »

T4S and FASST, rockets and time-machines

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Dear Jon. Thank you for your analogy of FASST as a “wonderful rocket ship”  – with related concerns and questions regarding its practicality. They are all perfectly valid and most helpful. In fact they are similar to the questions Sally asked me in her role as FASST facilitator in our Skype call earlier this week…. Read more »

Goals, help needed and “Before I Die Network” event

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Hi Olivia. I’m doing some prep ready for your Before I Die Network (BIDN) follow-up session this evening. I’m interested to see what progress I have in fact made since the pre-Christmas event, so I’m checking the notes I made then and the good resolutions that I made. I know that you often invite us… Read more »

Let’s get real about International Development

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Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen! is a wonderful, humorous reality-check about top-down International Development  “interventions” for “beneficiaries”. What he says in an entertaining way is what I often have on my heart, but can’t share the same way. I had a hunch where his first story was going, because a… Read more »

Steps towards critical mass and International Development disruption

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Dadamac is small and it is disruptive. In a previous post I explained that: Dadamac’s UK-Africa work operates in similar areas of need  to those officially targeted by traditional top-down International Development “interventions”, but not in similar ways.  The starting points are different, the drivers are different and, crucially, our use of disruptive technology, the… Read more »