Ref London Futurists, Satalia and (not) Holacracy

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Hi Daniel Ref your presentation at London Futurists, our subsequent texts and your willingness to share ideas, insights and technology. I’m interested in many aspects of your talk, especially some aspects of Artificial Intelligence, but for now I want to focus on Satalia’s organisational structure. Since we texted I’ve visited the Satalia website. I particularly… Read more »

FASST – Organising for Collaborative Development

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FASST has a vision, and a practical plan, to overcome the barriers that prevent us working in collaborative ways. I won’t describe the plan in detail here. Like many innovations FASST will be easier to share once the protoype is working. It is starting in a small way (which is another way of saying we are… Read more »

Building what? You and whose army?

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This is part of a series of posts exploring authority and identity – see Permission to speak Emboldened by a couple of TEDx talks by Marc Ventresca  I recently decided I had finally found my identity  – Aha! I’m a systems builder!  – but if I claim to be a systems builder then: What systems… Read more »