My answers ref: Before I Die

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These are questions Olivia asked me at a Before I Die Network meeting. We didn’t record it. The answers might have gone this way (based on the time allocations she had in mind for the questions). Olivia What are you passionate about working towards at the moment? Pamela I’m working with David Bovill on something… Read more »

Goals, help needed and “Before I Die Network” event

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Hi Olivia. I’m doing some prep ready for your Before I Die Network (BIDN) follow-up session this evening. I’m interested to see what progress I have in fact made since the pre-Christmas event, so I’m checking the notes I made then and the good resolutions that I made. I know that you often invite us… Read more »

Before I Die Network, Next Event and Me.

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Most people in the Before I Die Network (BIDN) are recent graduates, deciding what to do with their lives, but there are no age barriers, and I’ve also been given a warm welcome. News of the next event is out, along with an invitation to reflect on the previous one, so I’m sharing my reflections… Read more »

Is 2016 the year of Pomodoro?

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I liked this tweet – Teatro Pomodoro ‏@teatropomodoro Jan 3 It took us almost 3 days to figure it out, but now we are sure: 2016 is going to be the year of the Pomodoro Relevant @Jonathan -The pomodoro video 44 seconds in reminded me of our “colleagues conversation” today at Deli Nene  –… Read more »

Before I Die Network (BIDN)

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The vision behind the Before I Die Network (BIFN) is  best understood through a heartfelt blog written by the founder Olivia Comberti in November 2015 –  On running an organisation that supports people to find their life direction, while losing sight of your own Elsewhere the Before I Die Network is variously described as: “A… Read more »