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The countdown to Exponentially Human 2027 has begun. It is now less that ten years until 16-18 September 2027.

That date is likely to arrive more quickly than I expect, but for now, here at the start of the ten year countdown, I’m giving myself permission to relax for a bit, do things slowly, and see what the Landscape of Change around me looks like at this point in time.

This is an open letter to myself – i.e. minimal explanations about context. I don’t know how it will turn out, perhaps some kind of to do list. Calling it a “might do” list is probably more accurate. It’s a “no pressure” list of possibilities for me to choose from. I’ll list them as they come to mind.

First a memory jogger of what happened September 16-18 2017

Review of my 16-18 September 2017


Saturday 16th

  • Introduced Chief Gbade Adejumo to farmer pastoralist conflict content on federated wiki in addition to his own.
  • Recorded a few related “missing” Q and As on our phones while we were in the same room –  easier than the ones we’d done at a distance.

Sunday 17th

  • Met a few people at Newspeak House, mostly related to David Bovill’s FEASTzero
  • We enjoyed a “FEAST” meal and conversations
  • I introduced Gbade and Elfneh Bariso
  • Nina videoed a conversation between them about pastoralism and related issues
  • There were various “show and tell” things and related discussion
  • I was delighted when Dil showed a website (including a logo) that he’d put together for
  • Dil took a photo of Gbade with his “More and Less” notice for XH2027 “time capsule”- big ideas

Monday 18th

  • Introduced Steve Podmore and Gbade
  • Steve recorded some of our conversation, partly as a souvenir for the three of us, partly to share with others
  • Told Steve about the “time capsule” photos and he did his
  • I gave Gbade my (heavily annotated) copy of Technology versus Humanity to take back to Nigeria as he was reading it with great interest and wondering how best to get a copy – so now we have another “shared point of reference” book.
  • In it I wrote a reminder to him ref our agreement that we are both Explorers, Pioneers, Chroniclers and Guides in the Landscape of Change
  • Fell into conversation with two young recent graduates – they also recognised themselves in the description of the Landscape of Change, and our roles as Explorers, Pioneers, Chroniclers and Guides (living locally so we intend to meet again)

At a distance 16-18 September 2017

A mixture of Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, emails, phone calls, and the DadamacConnect Contact form.


At this point the phone rang… and before that call had finished it rang again (two excellent conversations).

Now it’s two hours later and there are other things to be done today. No more time this afternoon for a “might do” list, or a reminder of what I did at a distance. I’ll leave this as it is and press publish.