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ICT4D = Information and Communication Technology for Development.

I’m doing a Spring clean of some of the stuff in my head ref ICT4D.

I’ll start with a list, just a random list with no attempt at order. It’s  just to empty my head a bit. I can come  back to it at some other point to explain the connections and implications, and give links etc. For now this is just for me – so I only need the headings – the connnections are in my head.  I may “think aloud” as I lay out the list – or I may just think to myself.

Tim Unwin

Two recent posts by Tim Unwin in ICT4D facebook group.

One about having 4000 members now:

Amazing to think that it is now more than 8 years since this group was established on Facebook – and has more 4,200 members! I wonder, though, what the existence of the group on Facebook has really done to help the poorest and most marginalised benefit from the use of ICTs! Am sure that it has helped us to be better networked, and learn more about how ICTs can indeed be used to contribute to development – but the ultimate outcome has to be how we actually help people make a difference to their lives

Another announcing CTO event in Nairobi

The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation’s Annual Forum this year is on the theme of “Towards a Connected Commonwealth”, and will be held in Nairobi from 14-16 September 2015. As part of the Forum, there will be parallel sessions of papers and case studies on ways through which education, health and banking can be transformed through such connectivity. The call for these has now been issued with a deadline for submission of 1st July. Papers are intended to be research-based, whilst case studies are exemplifications of good practices that might be adopted elsewhere in the Commonwealth. For further details, please contact m(dot)morides(at)cto(dot)int.

Our history of shared concerns

Dadamac and ICT for Disruption

It’s about communication and people – not “the tech”

The Dadamac diagram of Development before ICT4D and how ICT can/should disrupt the model.

ICT for Disruption – and not only in Development

Tim’s keynote at Dadamac’s Jan 2013 event

ICT  for two way communcation

Dadamac’s evidence that the new model can work

Years of work with weekly online UK-Nigeria meetings

Years of wider monthly online “at home” times on First Thursdays

People dropping by for a chat

People who connect with me – “just dropping by for a catchup” when I’m on skype or FB or google – and how I’m trying to get them to work together openly so I’m not a communication blockage but a communication channel.

Three people I have good connections with who dropped in unexpectedly yesterday on Skype – some months since we’ve been in contact

  • One in rural Kenya – she works in Osiligi school
  • One in Nigeria – he used to work at Fantsuam Foundation (FF) and now works in Abuja
  • One is in USA – I think of him as a “solar power evangelist and engineer” – we met via a connection he has with FF


Kabissa Forum and Dadamac’s space there and the opportunities and challenges of having that space available -how to make it the natural home of the ongoing conversations and real life stories that unfold through Dadamac.

True stories and more true stories

How to tell the stories in a similar way – perhaps as heroic quests

How through Kabissa Forum and Dadamac Foundation there could be so many more good outcomes if more people knew of the ongoing “quests” and the opportunities to help the “changemakers who are on the quests” to overcome their obstacles.

Each of us is on a quest – our own quest can include helping a changemaker

The art and craft of story-telling and people I know who have the knowledge and skill of story telling

The need for visuals

The stories within stories within stories

Pattern language to connect and structure them

Need for connections

The need for connections between :

  • The heroic changemakers who are living the quests
  • The people who could harvest scraps of information from them along their ways
  • The word-smiths who could craft those precious scraps of information into compelling true life adventure stories, with genuine cliff hanger episodes
  • The pattern language people, information architects, and digital techies who could draw the stories together so they could be easily mined for connected threads and emerging patterns and deep knowledge
  • The people who could raise the profile of the stories through tweeting and suchlike, making new connections and widening impact
  • The potential ambassadors for Dadamac who could tell our stories to local groups face-to-face, and grow our base of supporters.
  • The tiny and huge ways people could contribute skills and time
  • The people who could cheer us on
  • The people who could help us to cover our costs, and put Dadamac Foundation’s work onto a firmer financial  footing, honestly no donation is too small, because at present our donor base is microscopic and I’m covering a lot of our costs out of my own pocket, which has been okay up to now as we’ve been exploring what works, and only telling the stories from one changemaker, but we need more resources to share the storeies of more changemakers
  • The more helpers and resources Dadamac Foundation attracts  the more changemakers we can help.
  • The more changemakers we help and the more stories we tell the more patterns there will be.
  • Local stories have local impact.
  • Groups of stories with emergent patterns have the potential for global impact.
  • That leap from local relevance to global relevance needs many more people chipping in their time, money and talents.
  • Big money could accelerate it even more.
  • Every tiny contributions helps – I know because we’ve already done a lot, and it’s all been through many small steps and without any big budget.

Other organsiations

Dadamac Foundation is only part of the story – there are other organisational structures and person to person networks that are relevant

London ICT4D group – and other Meetups – and the physical spaces where they meet


RSA fellows

Escape School

Hub Westminster and other Hubs

Before I Die (network)

Formal academia – such as CDI

Student networks

DFID – GEM projects

Press publish

Hmm.. that will do for now.. for an initial spring clean around ICT4D. I’m going to press “publish” without even re-reading it and tidying it up. It is after all, just part of  being part way through a Spring clean (but after that I did go back and pop in some headings)