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Today I have done some genuine Spring cleaning of physical “stuff” that was cluttering up my living room. No. I exaggerate. In fact it was more of a gesture towards Spring cleaning, a kind of taster of how it would be to achieve some serious Spring cleaning. It was only a tidy-up of  two drawers in my living room (and not very large ones at that).  It was uncomplicated, with no heavy lifting, or elbow grease, or agonising decision-making. but it was a start, and starting is the most difficult part.

It was all paper, and it was mostly “deferred-decision, self-sorting recyling” otherwise known as  “compost filing”. For anyone unfamiliar with the compost filing system:

  • You start with an empty drawer, considerably bigger than A4 size (so things can be flung in randomly).
  • Now and again you rummage around to retrieve something that has become of value.
  • By the time the “compost file” is full most of it will have aged enough to obviously be ready for recycling – with minimum decision making required. (I don’t know who first called it “compost filing” – I can’t claim it was me).

My compost filing drawers were getting too crammed to be fit for purpose, but now I have the good feeling that comes with knowing they can be useful again. Tthey have some spare capacity, and I’ve pulled out some good stuff.

Now I’m in  mood for a similar Spring clean for my mind and of the ideas and connections currently crammed in there. It’s too late to start now, but at least I can state my intention, and then I can go and drift off to sleep knowing I have a plan.