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All happening Tuesday May 5th.

Silicon Triangle

This is a South London (Crystal Palace) Meetup where

“…we get together to hear about interesting science and technology projects….

This month Bryher Scudamore will join us to talk to us about her experience working at the BBC as editor in chief of the BBC’s digital branch and setting up her own digital business in her 60s. We’ll hear about Bryher’s background but also the future of her business in telling people’s life stories through digital media.”

I don’t get to as many meeting as I’d like to, but I’ve connected  interesting people and and initiatives there, and had this inked into my diary weeks ago. Silicon Triangle – May Meetup  Now a family even is taking precedence so I’ll miss it, but I’m asking friends who will be there to listen out on behalf of Dadamac Foundation. We need help in telling the stories of our changemakers.

Making A Difference Through Effective Altruism

This is one of GlobalNet21’s collaborative Meetups

“Often we debate and discuss issues but come away with more questions than answers:  What can be done about an issue? What is the best action that can be taken? Is this issue the one I should be focusing my time and efforts on, what about all the others?

The Effective Altruism movement tries to answer these kinds of  questions. Effective Altruism is the application of science, reason and rationality to the goal of making the world a better place. The challenge for those in the Effective Altruism community is to answer the question “how best can I do good in the world?” and then to act on the answer.” – Making A Difference Through Effective Altruism

I’d like to connect with this group on behalf of Dadamac Foundation and its changemakers so I’ll be checking out the other links that GlobalNet21 provided saying:

“You can find out about the Effective Altruism Group on their meetup site here ..

And also further reading on effective altruism can be found at :

This is an enterprising group run by Samuel Hilton and Claire Nyquist and we are really pleased to be putting this event on jointly with them.”

Book launch – Maps and Memes

The invitation to the book launch of Maps & Memes came through the ICT4D group. The London ICT4D group meets monthly  and you can also find ICT4D on Facebook

The ICT4D Centre at Royal Holloway, University of London ( celebrates a new book  by Dr Gwilym Eades, Lecturer in Human Geography at RHUL and Director of the Geospatial and Visual Methods Lab (@GVMLab).  

Maps and Memes is published by McGill-Queen’s University Press.  A book talk and reading will be followed by questions from the audience, drinks & book signing. This event will be of interest to people working in development, with indigenous and northern peoples, mapping, geographical information systems, participation and education.

Everyone is welcome!

The event is on May 5, starts at 7pm and will be held in Room 261 in the University of London’s Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU:

Why these?

I don’t put up many of the events that come to my inbox, but now and again I share some. These are posted because I value the people and ideas I’ve connected with previously by attending.