This list was compiled to show examples of projects that have been done (or are being done) using resources at hand

The common threads between all these projects are my involvement, use of the internet to enable collaboration, online systems and structures that we set up to enable communication, and a lack of any formal external funding to cover our costs. The projects have relied heavily on commitment, people giving their time and other resources freely for a variety of reasons, and people finding ways of covering their own expenses (including any expenses of paying for help along the way).

Some projects are finished, so you’ll find a final description. Some are still at a messier “work in progress stage” and you’ll simply see what’s happening, with little explanation. Some are in between.

This list does nothing to explain the wider vision behind these projects and how they are connected. It simply demonstrates that opinions I give are based on experience, and that the work is embedded in a rich network of people and knowledge.