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 I have just discovered this – Project Drawdown:

Drawdown will be published in over a dozen countries. It will be accessible on the web to people everywhere and for use in classrooms. It will provide a wealth of information, open source models and calculations on impact and cost that can inform government policy on all levels. The public’s willingness to respond to climate change can shift if they see that drawdown is possible and that they will benefit individually and collectively.

This is a book and organization created by “we”.  This is our earth, our climate and our responsibility.


The point at which greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begin to decline.

Project Drawdown is developing a book, open-source database, and digital platform describing how one hundred solutions deployed at scale can alter the composition of our atmosphere and help forge a path toward temperature decline.

We are creating a detailed, impeccably researched description of “state-of-the-shelf” solutions that are currently in use and the impact they will have within thirty years. This carefully vetted, comprehensive list include technological solutions such as renewable energy and energy efficiency measures; social solutions that require behavior change like lowering consumption of material goods and limiting population growth; and ecological solutions that restore carbon in soils and plants by bio-sequestering CO2.

This list represents “no regrets” initiatives, solutions that should be implemented whether or not the threat of climate change existed. These are solutions that improve lives, protect the environment, and mitigate climate change.

We invite you to learn more about us and our programs. Come join our growing coalition of over 200 scientists, students, business leaders, policy-makers, activists, engaged citizens, educators, scholars, and professionals from across the globe.

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