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Diary Date 16-18 September Twenty Twenty-Seven – first announcement

You are invited to an event in twenty twenty-seven starting on Thursday 16th September and ending with a celebratory party on Saturday 18th September. Please, set the dates aside. The event is called Exponentially Human Twenty Twenty-Seven.

Please think ahead to what you hope to be celebrating then, and some of the positive changes you hope may have happened in our world by 2027.

I expect to be celebrating some shifts in how we think, and communicate, and collaborate with each other. I’m expecting us to do less of the boring routine tasks, and more of the “essentially human” things. I expect to see big shifts in attitudes to sharing new ideas and processes at an early stage so more people can see them and get involved in improving them. I’m expecting us to be connecting with each other globally in ways that enhance the human condition, ways that are very different to current ideas of what globalisation means. This expected development of our understanding and experience of human connectedness is why I’m calling the 2027 event “Exponentially Human”. I won’t go into much detail here. I’m writing more about it elsewhere (and will probably return to this post to add links later).

Twenty twenty-seven is ten years away, and when I look around I already see plenty that is pointing in the direction of the kind of future I would prefer to arrive at.

Of course “other futures are available” and some of them are decidedly not the direction I want to be heading. None of these futures are fixed yet, so we can all decide what kind of future we are trying to head towards. There isn’t just one single option for 2027 sitting, ready made, waiting to us to arrive there. Our journey to the future isn’t like taking a train to an existing railway station. Our possible destination ten years in the future is far more fluid and uncertain.

I’ve decided to head in a direction I like the look of, and I’m finding fellow travelers who are heading the same way. We’re planning to meet up at Exponentially Human 2027 on September 16th -18th, and we’re starting to make preparations.  You may like to join us either in twenty twenty-seven, or sooner, to help make the event a success and ensure we have something worth celebrating.

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Ben De Vries and

News from my friend Ben de Vries – Certified Permaculture Designer.

If you live in USA please read on. Even if you don’t live in the USA please share this info.
This is our first year in operation. Using a method I developed for maximum seedling health and rhisosphere inoculation, we have in ground 1000 saskatoons, 1000 aronias, and are about to do a spring run of 1500 pecans. At present we are taking pre order on the first two for fall shipping. If you are interested in a deep discount on bulk pre order, please get in touch!

Rather than try to crowdfund, we are just going ahead with sales.

PLEASE share this link to social media to help us get off the ground!

Thanks for your help and hope to hear from you soon!

Ben de Vries

Certified Permaculture Designer
SKYPE: permaculture.designer
YOUTUBE: permaculturedesigner

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It’s good to “feel embarrassed by our naiveté “

I love this quote:

as long as we feel embarrassed by our naiveté every six months then we’re living outside of our comfort zone enough to learn and improve everyday.

It’s from “The 3 Year Job Search and How I Got Into Tech” by Niv Dror

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Free Wi-Fi access opportunity for secondary schools in Tanzania – please share this info

Opportunity for secondary schools in Tanzania to get free Wi-Fi access through the iKnowledge programme.

The iKnowledge programme

The iKnowledge programme will equip up to 250 schools in rural and underserved areas of Tanzania with ICT infrastructure. This includes broadband internet via satellite, alongside provision of ICT training and educational content for teachers to apply straight to the classroom. Powered by resilient Ka-band satellite technology, delivery will be supported locally by education NGO Camara Education Tanzania and service provider Infinity Africa Network Ltd.

The year-long programme sets out to provide long term, measurable benefits to teachers in Tanzania. iKnowledge will improve quality levels of teaching in rural and remote areas in core curriculum subjects, alongside advancing teachers’ digital literacy through a sustainable training model.

More details – UK Space Agency appoints Avanti to deliver major ICT infrastructure and e-learning programme in Tanzania

A few spaces left

I understand the programme is starting to roll out, but there may still be a few spaces left in some areas. If this is relevant to you and you want information about how schools get involved contact me and I’ll pass on your request for further details.

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Matt Haikin, opportunities and Dadamac

Matt Haiken is looking for an opportunity to do grass-roots participatory work with technology… Can you help? More on his blog

I’ve known Matt for some time so I’ve “got confidence in his history”. I’ll point him to what I’m writing here, to find out if he’s interested in opportunities with Dadamac.

What Matt’s looking for

He writes – What I really want to get some experience of is a group, project, or program working at the top-end of Arnstein’s ladder – full and meaningful participation of the local community at every stage – from defining the goals, through delivery to evaluation – something that is genuinely empowering…  Using technology…

  • Work pro-bono for a few months
  • For an organisation working directly with end-users in their local communities
  • Ideally within a project making use of ICTs and participatory methods
  • Where?  Pretty much anywhere…
  • When?  End of 2015 or early in 2016.  The only real deadline is that I need to be finished by September 2016 at the latest.
  • Doing what?  Well this is tricky – obviously I need to be helpful to the project/organisation so my ICT4D practice and research skills – project management, program development, research and evaluation, fundraising, strategic consultancy etc. are all potentially useful.  BUT I also need to learn about what makes for good, effective, fair participatory work, so I want  to be directly involved in this delivery.

What we could explore ref Dadamac

It’s possible that we might be able to sort out some kind of opportunity with Fantsuam Foundation (FF) through John Dada, or if that didn’t appeal then there are Dadamac Changemakers in the Diaspora in London, who have projects “back home” in other countries and might be a source of opportunities for you.

Thinking about practicalities

John often has people at FF through VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) and the Canadian equivalent. If you were doing it more independently you’d need to sort out all the admin stuff that VSO would normally be responsible for – insurance, permits etc.

John has always arranged for someone to pick me up from Abuja airport, and would probably do the same for you.

Ref catering etc. I’ve only been to FF for a few weeks at a time, so I’ve never needed to do my own catering, I’ve always been abIe to join in some kind of “family/staff/voluteers” meals, but I’ve paid my way and have been guided by John on what I should contribute for my keep. VSO people do their own catering.

Accommodation at FF has proper plumbing installed, but there is seldom enough electricity to pump water to the tanks, so water tends to come from the well rather than the taps. There is electrical wiring too, but obviously that’s only useful when there is power. NEPA (grid electricity) is “unreliable” and it’s too expensive to run the generator for domestic use (it’s only “affordable” when there are lots of paying students who need access to computers).  There is some solar power, but not enough for full domestic use, so expect lamps, and a quick habituation to get up at cock-crow and go to sleep a couple of hours after sunset.

Local needs, participation and ICTs

Fantsuam Foundation is driven by local needs. I can give you loads more details, but to get a flavour check the new Dadamac Foundation home page for videos of John talking about FF, and see the old Dadamac Network website for earlier information and a good Fantsuam Foundation video link in the information about John.

If you go to FF is won’t be “the local community participating in an external initiative” it will be “you participating in a local intitiative” which seems to me the way it should be.

There is a strong relationship between development and ICT at FF, as you’ll soon realise if you follow the links above and go a bit deeper. Check out Zittnet – Rural Connectivity at Fantsuam for more on how it started.

Other possibilities

If FF is not what you are looking for then we could explore opportunities with the “projects back home” organised by Dadamac Changemakers in the Diaspora in London. I’d love to see you bringing your skills to help our changemakers. There are so many opportunities. I’m confident we could work out something that would be a good match between what you want to learn and experience and what you offer.

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