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Hi Brian – or should I say “Welcome aboard FASST” for our time-travel trip together.

Thank you for the opportunity to wordify some of the ideas about FASST during our Skype chat this evening.

I’m writing you this follow-up, open letter to capture some of the points we covered:

  • FASST is already very real and on the move.
  • It’s a metaphorical vehicle for travelling from the present to the future.
  • Regarding the quote that “The future is already here, its just unevenly distributed” – we are in agreement that some of the future is here and can be easily visited, other parts are more elusive and may be some way over the future horizon.
  • You and I have been sharing our ideas of where we’re going, and helping and encouraging each other along the way, for a handful of years.
  • You and I have been exploring ideas related to FASST from way before it was called FASST.
  • Today we agreed to continue that journey together using language that refers to FASST being our vehicle for exploring the future.
  • I’ll check with other friends and contacts who like analogies, and who are aware of being headed towards the future,  to see if  they want to “join us aboard FASST” (now or later).
  • It’s not time-demanding to be a crew member on FASST at the moment (maybe just an hour or so a week).
  • You can easily attend to your present roles and responsibilities most of the time, and then jump on and off  FASST now and again to fulfil your crew roles there.
  • If we want to push the analogy further then the current version of FASST is more like a time-travelling local tour bus than a long haul vehicle, so it will “come back to the present” frequently (to change crew and let some crew members off to go about their other business for a while).
  • One of the ways we’ll know if we’re making progress towards the future that we’re looking for is if we’ve shifted from a competitive approach to a collaborative one.
  • FASST is moving already, but as we move we’re looking for the most effective, collaborative ways to drive FASST forward on its collaborative journey.
  • As we get more people travelling with us we’ll need more structure and accountability, so that people can be free to take initiatives, but without taking us off course.
  • At the moment we like the look of Holacracy as a way to have good procedures for collaboration
  • For the start of our journey we won’t have any passengers, just a volunteer crew, because we don’t want to get involved with the organisational complexities involved with handling money.
  • Organisationally, certainly to begin with, we will just be a small group of people, and there won’t be any money involved.
  • This may change later as we get more experienced as a cohesive crew, and we come up with new insights relating to our travels (including ways to pay our way) and perhaps we get crew members who are interested in things like finance and governance

BTW – ref travelling from the present to the future. I like the fact that we were crossing time zones in our long, free, conversation – you in New York around lunch time, and me already heading into the hours of the early evening here in London. That’s a kind of time-travelling –  very different to my grandparents’ experience, and their lack of chances to communicate across time and distance.

So, onward with our journey together, in FASST, heading towards the future and exploring whatever takes our fancy in the “unevenly distributed future” that spreads out before us across the Landscape of Change”.

I guess one of our next tasks it to describe more clearly what if means to become part of the crew of FASST. Something to include next time we’re on Skype perhaps.