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On Monday last week I met Lavinia ( It was at Louis’ Meetup group for people working from home – newly moved from Friday noon to a more purposeful time.  We now meet at 9.30 on a Monday morning, which helps us make a clean break from the weekend and get started on the week ahead. There’s wifi and people expect to get work done, but there’s also time for a break, a catch up, and some “colleague-type”conversations – Monday’s meet up

I’m writing about Lavinia because I know how many of my connections love what they do, but hate marketing it, so when she told me that she does “marketing and general support’ I thought that was worth sharing.

Her card says “Creative Calm For Your Business and Personal Storm”. I pressed her for more details – wondering how many of my personal storms she might be interested in creatively calming.  Before I could even mention de-cluttering she’d drawn a line there. No matter.  I have plenty of other areas ready for calming.

What I liked was a feeling that she’d bring specific skills I lack, and she’d also  be willing to lend a hand with the more mundane stuff I need to do. Too much choice can be a burden, and I find that if I have to get everything organised on my own I can sap my energy by dithering over what should be done next, or busily tackling what should be left until later.  I imagine that even if Lavina wasn’t actually going to work alongside me, she’d help to break my life into manageable chunks, with clearer priorities and a plan to tackle the boring bits that need to be done.  I’m looking forward to meeting her again and finding out exactly what she meant when she said “Organising is what I do”.